OpenSea's worries continue
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OpenSea’s worries pile up as disloyal employees act unethically

OpenSea in a series of troubles, thanks to the disloyal employees.

OpenSea is an American Non-Fungible Token market place which is head quartered in New York. The company was founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in 2017. The company has had a series of troubles in the past due to disloyal and unethical employees.

Recently, Opensea’s head of product Nathaniel Chastian was convicted for money laundering in one charge and wire fraud in another charge by United States Department of Justice. When the case was investigated deeply, Chastain was held for using and disclosing confidential information about the NFT’s that were tipped to be featured on Open Sea’s Home page.

According to the reports, OpenSea finds it self in another soup, again due to unethical behavior of an employee. This time the case is about data breach of email ids of customers. The continuous fraudulent activities by the employees of the company is seriously tampering the reputation of the company.


Data Breach causing stir at OpenSea.

Data Breach in OpenSea
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OpenSea has again faced a big issue to be resolved, caused by an employee, again! The company happened to suffer a data breach, in which an employee got the email ids of the users and customers using fraudulent means from its email delivery vendor.

The problem with the data breach is the email ids can be hacked by the hackers to rob off all the NFTs that a user might possess, so if any person has an account in OpenSea, this is a matter of concern.

Open Sea went on to state that, they are working with the in their ongoing investment and also have gone ahead to report the incident with the legal law enforcements.

The NFT market place also went on to issue a warning to the users stating that, hackers and malicious actors might contact using a visually similar email address to our official email domain, “”

CEO’s Comments:

OpenSea’s CEO Derin Finzer went on to comment that the company is working on its security protocol in high priority and assured the users that efforts are being made to revive the emails back which have been breached. While plagiarism, infringements of intellectual property, and theft are prohibited by OpenSea’s Terms, according to Finzer, “at our scale, comprehensive policies were not enough.” He also claimed that, the company has also invested in a technology, that identifies authentic accounts and content more prominently to keep the scammers out and be a healthy market place for NFT trading.