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Amazon mistakenly lists Toshiba split AC worth Rs 96,700 for Rs 5,900

It is now effortless for us consumers to shop online to buy and send items everywhere and any time. But it is often mysterious or a play the lottery to go shopping from websites. A few shoppers are irritated by pricing inaccuracies and contentious listings. While online shopping frequently offers discounts and cashback, some prices appear to be too good to be true. Such was the case with the recent Amazon India e-commerce giant.

The popular commerce platform Amazon made an error on Tuesday when listing a Toshiba 2021 range split system air conditioner, incorrectly displaying the selling price at Rs. 5,900 instead of Rs. 90,800. The air conditioner was officially priced at Rs 96,700, but Amazon accidentally discounted it by 94 percent. Furthermore, the offer showed that the product can be purchased on a monthly installment of only Rs 278. Surprisingly, some reports suggest that a couple of customers were able to order the appliance at the quoted price.

Screenshot of Amazon India incorrect price of a product
Image Source: India Today

After offering a discount of Rs. 5,900, Amazon India was to sell Rs. 90,800 for AC but listed the item for sale at Rs. 5,900. The e-commerce conglomerate did not comment on whether customers who secured their order for the product will receive it at the listed price or not. Amazon has revised the selling price, offers, and discounts on the item on its India website after it noticed the error.

The exact same appliance, a Toshiba 1.8 tonne 5-star inverter in Gloss White, is currently selling on Amazon for Rs 59,490,0, which is a 20 percent discount on the original price with an EMI option of Rs 2 800. Antibacterial coating, dust filter, and dehumidifier are the advertised features of the product. It also offers a comprehensive 1 years warranty for PCBs, sensors, motors, and electric parts with an additional 9-year warranty on its compressor. With dimensions of 105 x 25 x 32 centimeters, the appliance also offers a 3.3 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER).

Amazon did not make such an error for the first time. In 2019, under the Prime Day Sales, the e-commerce giant had accidentally sold Rs 9 lakh worth of camera equipment at just Rs 6,500. When buyers discovered the glitch, Amazon was bombarded with orders for camera products. These hardware equipment were from high-end camera brands such as Sony, Fujifilm, and Canon.

Last month, Amazon made another blunder by shipping packages to a woman in the United States that she had not ordered, and the e-commerce giant first refused to retrieve the packages. Even after tracing the owner, the woman from New York was told that she would have to keep the products that had already been shipped as well as over 1,000 boxes that were already in transit by Amazon. After a few days, Amazon decided to take the packages back.