Car and Driver’s “EV of the year” award goes to Ford Mustang Mach-E in 2021

Motoring publication Car and Driver awarded Ford Mustang Mach-E the “EV of the year” in 2021. The award was given as the EV has the right balance of performance, range, and tech-focused features, which are familiar and yet advanced.

Mustang Mach-E | Ford Media Center
Image credits- Ford Media Center

Getting the award means that the Mach-E is that vehicle that could make people buy an electric vehicle. Being a crossover form has its own advantages, as the enthusiasts of the car could explore and find what are the advantages of having an electric car. As part of “Electrify America” the Ford Mustang electric crossover sends an ideal message.

Furthermore, the balance mentioned by Car and Driver is a “sweet balance between practical and visceral”. Technically Tesla Model 3 is the most “American-made” and has better speed compared to Mach-E. However, Ford’s design and synthetic sound are greatly appreciated. Where the praise was given to engineers for making the crossover “closest of any automaker to figuring out what an EV should sound like”. Also, Mustang has been in the industry for decades and people are curious about the crossover.

Tesla’s cars are often seen as the best EVs in the industry. Mach-E is also being compared to the Tesla Model Y. And Car and Driver state that Ford managed to give a premium look, without looking like they are cutting costs or being minimalistic. On the other hand, Mach-E’s interior is evidently taken from the Tesla car models, by being minimalistic. As said by the Car and Drive publication,  “Ford managed to make the vehicle’s cabin seem fresh without resorting to gimmicks or trying to pass off cost-cutting meas­ures as innovation the way Tesla does.”

Ford adds drama

Some of the ideas copied from Tesla are the unconventional door handles, vertically oriented center display, and panoramic fixed-glass roof. Yet, the fresh look on Ford gives it a new feel for the user, a better feel.

Ford’s big engine adds a synthetic soundtrack which is pleasing for Ford’s earlier users. Sound from the car isn’t like a combustion engine but is something similar giving authentic feels. Despite the possibility of having a better ride quality, Mach-E was selected because of a better user perspective.

Ford managed to keep the cabin roomy, innovative and premium feels. It is a simple cluster for the eye of the driver. As EVs are new in the automobile sector, having what it takes to grab the attention matters. Despite the controversies, the Mach-E was evaluated to be the best EV this year.