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Amazon Prime Gaming is offering battlefield 4 for free

Amazon Prime Gaming Is Offering Battlefield 4 For Free

Amazon Prime
Amazon Prime members have been able to claim games through the Prime Gaming service for years where Amazon offers various cosmetic rewards for games such as GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, and League of Legends,  Apex Legends. Now its members can claim a free copy of the latest modern Battlefield game, Origins, on June 20 with Prime Gaming’s latest monthly sweepstakes. From 1 to 20 June, Prime members can now claim a game code for Battlefield 4 that is available for a regular price of $19.99 (PS17.99 for the standard edition).

Prime Gaming pays off if you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. It’s a service that is part of your Amazon Prime account, meaning you can test it out for no additional cost beyond your monthly subscription fee.

Everyone who subscribes to Amazon Prime, including Prime Gaming (also known as Twitch Prime), is free. If you are already a Prime subscriber, go to the Amazon Prime Games page and request the free code in the games section. Visit the Prime Gaming Games & Loot page and scroll down to the Prime Label game to claim your free game.

Amazon Prime GamingAmazon Prime subscribers can get their free copy of Battlefield 4 in a modern setting (not unlike the other titles of Battlefield ) until June 20. Members can redeem a game code for the A Battlefield 4 Standard Edition at Origin. Note that the code you receive from Prime Gaming is only valid for the Battlefield 4 Standard Edition.

Also included in the BF4 deal is a digital code for the standard edition of the game as well as the PC version of Origins. The code to get a free copy of Battlefield 4 will be available through the Amazon Prime gaming service until June 21. If you have time until then to claim the code, it is redeemable until July 21.

The unveiling of Battlefield 6 is just around the corner, and beforehand, From June 1st to June 20th, Prime Gaming will offer Prime members Battlefield 4 on their PC for free, allowing them to get into the Battlefield action ahead of the game’s release this year. All Prime members need to do is claim the game on Origin without paying a dime extra.

Amazon Prime GamingPrime members also receive free shipping, including up to two days on the same day of the release date for pre-orders within two hours by zip code. The offer comes ahead of the announcement of the date for Amazon Prime Day 2021.

Prime Gaming also offers a monthly Twitch subscription for a streamer of your choice as well as a monthly roundup of free games and exclusive loot in the game. These Prime Gaming rewards are replaced by new titles every month, so check out Battlefield 4 for the latest giveaway. If you want to give away other free games, games, and content, be sure to check out what Prime Gaming has to offer.



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