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Amazon runs out of PS5 restock in the blink of an eye.

It came and then it went. That phrase will perfectly fit the case of the PS5 restock that came back on Amazon, adding exciting enthusiasm to the customers who flocked to get their hands on this once in a blue moon appearance. However, some were in for disappointment as the PS5 consoles got sold out in the blink of an eye. Seems like “the early bird catches the worm” goes well in this context.

Amazon Treasure Truck

The What and How

This was the first PS5 restock of this month and before one could decipher what was happening, it became history. The website was almost on the verge of crashing as retailer’s servers found it too difficult to manage the flurry of demands from customers from every direction who wanted to get their hands on the consoles. Looks like they do know about the ‘early bird’ theory very well. The consoles were also available on the Amazon Treasure Truck, thus there were many eyes that were eagerly looking for any sign of Treasure Truck alerts or notifications. You never know when you will get lucky and a treasure truck will grace your locality. Because from the level of the frenzied excitement that came with the restock, it is evident that the PS5 consoles are nothing less of a treasure for gaming enthusiasts.

Amazon Prime members might be in for some good news in the coming days as the company is playing around with the idea of providing early access to the prime members. This elite treatment was already tried out on Amazon UK, and perhaps it will make way to Amazon US very soon. Although it still mostly dwells on the realm of speculation since nothing has been guaranteed by Amazon to date. All we can do is be hopeful about a probable restock in the coming days although it won’t be much of a surprise if there is no restock.

Responses on Twitter

As soon as the news of the PS5 restocks surfaced, Twitter has been brimming with excitement. After all, there is no better space for expressing excitement over a restock than Twitter. Let us take a look at the reaction and responses.

Looks like the game is getting aggressive.

Less than 10 minutes! Did people go to Flash mode or something?

Some people have their lucky stars aligned right and you can’t really help it.

Close observation and surveillance are of utmost importance. It is a crucial period after all. A literal game-changer.

The absolute happiness when a normal Wednesday becomes an exciting Wednesday with that single text.

That is some passive-aggressive emotion there.

Broken expectations.

Fast is good or soon it will be all past.



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