Amazon bringing in new medical equipment from Europe

Amazon to deliver medical equipment from Europe to India

Amazon bringing in new medical equipment from Europe


One of the biggest e-commerce giant Amazon had already gave India a big helping hand by initiating Mission Vayu in India to bring almost 10,000 medical equipment which included almost 8,000 oxygen concentrators an others were BiPAP machines. Amazon did not just airlifted them From Singapore, but also took responsibility of its transportation to hospitals and clinics from the local airbase. Amazon also covered the financials and capitals required in the process.

Amazon did not stop just here when it came to helping India to battle the second wave of Corona Virus.

Amazon recently made an announcement where it committed over $2.5 million to support people in India who are affected by the COVID-19 crisis’s second wave, by purchasing and transporting the medical supplies and equipment at their own cost.

The e-commerce giant is using its huge global logistics network to purchase, airlift and deliver some of the critical medical equipment identified by the Government of India and the local charities, just like they did previously during Mission Vayu.

Amazon will be purchasing and delivering the medical equipment from Europe. It said that it will deliver oxygen concentrators from Italy, ventilators from the UK, and nebulisers and inhalation devices from Germany. The products will be of the most premium quality. These equipment will be provided to Amazon’s and other frontline workers, their families and local charities to help the people infected with the Corona Virus to fight their battles across many cities in the country. This will support the capacity of hospitals, medical facilities and public institutions greatly.

The ventilators that are being brought in by Amazon are Medtronic’s PB980 model, also known as the Medtronic Puritan Bennett 980. These ventilators are to be brought into India for urgent use. Amazon said that they will be working with Medtronic (MT) for these units to be airlifted into India as soon as possible.

This initiative taken by Amazon is in addition to the 100 ventilators they brought in last month. These ventilators were worth almost $3.8 Million. These funds have already been procured through Amazon’s global resources in the US as a part of the Company’s commitment to help India fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Amazon India is working with a close contact with the Indian Red Cross under the guidance and supervision of National Institution for Transforming India (Niti Aayog) and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. These governmental organizations are working on defining the distribution plan for these ventilators.

Amazon India made this announcement via its twitter handle @AmazonNews_IN where they tweeted about this saying- “None of us is as strong as all of us. To help #India fight #COVID19, Amazon is coming together to purchase medical supplies & leverage our global logistics network to send them to those in need across the country. Read more- #Unite2FightCorona”