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AI in Fashion Industry
A combination of Technology and Creativity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now being used in many industries. Its accessibility makes its a favourite among most of the tech enthusiasts. Artificial Intelligence is useful for solving a lot if problems. Fashion industry too is now incorporating AI to get tech savvy solutions.

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Many of the top fashion brands are now trying to maximise the user experience and shopping experience for their customers with the help of artificial intelligence. With the help of predictive analysis and guided sales processes the brands can bow target the customers in a much better way.

Once the companies determine the individual tastes and preferences of their customers, its easier for them to target them individually with specific products as per the customers preference. For example, if a particular buyer is vegan it is now possible to direct only such ads towards them.

Another major role that is played by artificial intelligence in the fashion industry is that of providing advice. Digital assistants who are equipped with artificial intelligence are now capable to recommend clothes to the customers based on unique information such as their height, weight, shape and their current size.

With the data collected, systems are able to recommend and display accurate items based to the tastes and preferences of the customers. With the help of artificial intelligence companies can now increase the amount of customer’s satisfaction on their products and reduce the number of returns.

With all this already being put into practice and the world of fashion slowly getting adjusted to use AI, Amazon decided to go a step ahead. In the year 2017, an Amazon team located in San Francisco created an Al fashion designer. They also developed an algorithm that was capable of analyzing and duplicating the style on the images shown making new items of similar style.

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Major brands are not shying away from incorporating more and more technology in their marketing and manufacturing processes. Many brands that keep sustainability at the forefront are using technology to optimize the production process and reduce the amount of waste given out and to decrease its harmful impact in the environment.

A major clothing brand, H&M, has developed something known as ‘Amplified Intelligence’. This technology is a combination of analytics and artificial intelligence with human intelligence. They have been using technology to improve the overall functioning of their business.

They are using the artificial intelligence technology in order to spot trends and plan their logistics accordingly. This will help them to reduce the number of discounted sales and avoid piling up of unsold stock and generating unnecessary waste. With the help AI, they also try and predict the demand at various stores and supply the clothes accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence technology has an excellent ability to spot similarities. A lot of manufacturers are now using this technology in the manufacturing process of clothes on order to spot any defects in fabric and to make sure that the colour of finished product is the same the originally designed colour. This helps in optimization of the quality of the product and in turn leads to customer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence has a crucial role to play in the fashion industry and can be helpful to improve the productivity and practicality of the brand. It helps to avoid unnecessary waste and also increase customer relations. In a consumer driver age it is always advisable to cater to the customer first and in the best way, AI facilitates just that.





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