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Source: Zee News

Amazon to stop Kindle’s sale in China

Amazon is all set to stop its Kindle e-Bookreader supply in China from June 02, 2022. Furthermore, the company will liquidate all of its e-bookstore in the company next year on June 30. This has marked the latest withdrawal from an American multinational company in the global market, at present.

The Kindle readers of China can download the mobile app and their e-books which they had bought earlier by June 30, 2023. The company said that the users can enjoy reading the previously downloaded books and their stored data on Kindle wouldn’t be affected by Amazon’s decision to shut down the e-bookreader in China.

Source: Zee News

The company also announced that a refund will be initiated if a customer no longer wants to use Kindle. Note, that this refund will be generated only for those who bought the e-bookreader after January 1, 2022.

This declaration was made by the company through its official WeChat account. Amazon said that it was modifying its business plan in China while other Businesses under Amazon will continue in the country.

Adding further Amazon said that the official Kindle app will be removed from China’s app store in the coming two years. Noting that Amazon didn’t plan to liquidate its e-bookstore in the country due to any enforcement by the government or restriction. Though it didn’t give any reason for liquidating the e-bookreader in China.

A representative of the company through his email said that Amazon is dedicated to the consumers of China but being a multinational company they have to undergo certain modifications and changes in business strategy wherever they operate. Besides this, the spokesperson also said that being responsible for their business holdings in china the company will continue making and investing in places that will benefit their consumers.

Amazon had already winded up its online store in the country in the year 2019. Presently, Amazon’s cross-border e-commerce, advertising and cloud services are functioning in China.

The multinational firm has been trying its best to safeguard and grow its business in China for ages.

In 2013, the multinational company began its first Kindle sale in China after which it turned into a powerful and huge market for the e-bookreader. In 2017, China was the largest market for Kindle e-readers.

Companies like Airbnb, Yahoo, and Microsoft’s LinkedIn have also shut down their businesses in China due to an increase in the restrictions imposed by the government and getting a high level of competition from the local market.