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Amazon to temporarily relocate employees from downtown Seattle office
Amazon is taking this step owing to the increase in violent crimes

Amazon to temporarily relocate employees for rise in crimes
Source: Geek Wire Inc. has decided to relocate some of its employees from its office in downtown Seattle. This is would be on a temporary basis, citing reasons of rise in rates of violent crime in the location. A spokesperson from Amazon stated that these employees would be shifted to an alternative corporate space somewhere else. He cited these  occurrences near 3rd and Pine Street which led to the decision.

The Amazon office that has fallen victim to such concerns is the one on 300 Pine Street. This office is at a distance of only half-mile from the company’s main headquarters on Seventh Avenue. Reports from KOMO News specify how violent crimes have greatly risen in this area between 3rd and Pine. The crimes reportedly are that of shootings, stabbings, and many more.

Currently, around 1,800 employees of the company are assigned to this office. However, many of these workers had been working in accordance to the hybrid mode or from home owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The spokesperson said: “We are hopeful that conditions will improve. And that we will be able to bring employees back to this location when it is safe to do so.”

According to Newsweek, a 15-year-old boy, Michel del Bianco was killed in the area on Wednesday, March 2. He was shot at the intersection where the office of Inc is located. As of now, there have been occurrences of a minimum of two stabbings and three shootings. Along with it, an incident of car jacking had also taken place. All these instances have taken place in the area since Monday, February 21. The source of these details is the Twitter account of the Seattle Police Department.

Mayor Bruce Harrell’s spokesperson gave a statement to KOMO News regarding the incidents. They said how the Mayor would carry on developing a comprehensive approach to the safety of the people. The development would be in collaboration with police authorities. Additionally,  with safety advocates, members of the community, service providers and businesses. Moreover, Amazon would be a part of this, and the aim would be to “activate, revitalise, and restore downtown” for everyone.

Simultaneously, various reporters observing the matter also looked into other developments of the company. According to a previous report, Amazon workers have reportedly sent in their list of demands. These workers were behind the first union push. Their demands include a flexible attendance policy and better payments.