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Amazon Watch Party Feature now available for India

Watching one’s favorite TV shows with friends and family can really be fun. Though with COVID, the idea of hanging out with near and dear ones has become a far thought. But now, the Amazon watch party feature will let you watch your favorite tv shows and movies sitting at your own home. Thie feature was already present in the USA and is now available in India too. The company said in a statement that people now will be able to take full advantage of this new option for no extra cost. It will add a social experience to watching content and make it more fun.

Amazon watch party feature

Amazon watch part feature

Image Source: TechCrunch

The watch part feature can have 100 participants at a time, but all of them must have prime membership to be present. This new feature will let users have synchronized playback of the media and a chat option for communication. There will also be host control with essential features for managing the session. Do note that as of now, the feature is only available on Desktop, so if you are on a mobile device or smart tv, you won’t be able to use it.

There won’t be any restriction to what type of tv shows one can enjoy with friends using the feature. Users can choose anything from the huge database of content available on the OTT platform. Yes, now you can binge watch Mirzapur 2 with your friends sitting at your home.

The game-changing move by Amazon

Amazon Prime Video

Image Source: Summary.org

After Netflix, Amazon has arguably the best selection of content in a wide range of languages and genres. With the lockdown, the users in all ott platforms, including prime video, have increased a lot. And since the COVID situation hasn’t been resolved yet, the watch party feature can increase the subscribers on the platform even more.

Well, do note that this feature was already present on Hotstar and Facebook, but with Prime video having much more content and being comparatively cheaper, it will be much more advantageous. Plus, the company has also taken rights to streaming cricket matches in all formats for specific tours, which will also increase the traffic on the platform.

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