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Edtech start-up, LEAD School acquires QuizNext, an AI-based gamified practice app

LEAD School

Source: leadschool.in

LEAD School is one of the fastest-growing educational technology start-ups in India, it offers affordable and accessible education across the nation with its unique integrated learning system.

Recently, the edtech start-up has announced to acquire a gamified practice application, QuizNext which leverages Artificial intelligence to create interesting game-like practice quizzes for children of classes 6th to 10th.

The AI-based app is operational under ICSE and CBSE School boards that will serve as an advantage to LEAD School in more than one aspect.

Education technology start-ups are all basically trying to serve the same common purpose of efficient, affordable and improved ways of education that interests students and adds value to their lives. LEAD School is no different and it combines technology with education in a unique Integrated System that improves learning and teaching skills enhancing performance.

Children love gaming and average teachers always struggle to grab the attention of all students at the same time and their biggest task in the teaching career is to make education fun for children and inculcate a learning habit in children. Well, this acquisition of QuizNext will allow LEAD School to do exactly the same with introducing practice tests in a gamified AI-based style which will probably grab the students’ attention and help them build a good habit of giving practice tests through personalised recommendations with unique game-like elements.

This acquisition will further allow LEAD School to expand its product offering and help schools in maintaining a high standard of education that will be highly beneficial for students, especially from class 6 onwards.

According to a report by entrepreneur.com, Smita Deorah, co-founder and COO of LEAD School mentioned in a comment that COVID-19 has been an unfortunate shift in schooling education. Online classes are not enough and seek a lot of support in the remote learning environment to create that physical school level of impact. LEAD School will attempt to do exactly the same by providing a complete schooling impact with its Integrated System of teaching and learning irrespective of physical schools being open or shut. She further mentions that this acquisition of QuizNext is just another step in this direction to achieve the goal.

The pandemic has opened doors for many ed-tech start-ups and Venture Capital investments are flowing like water, considering the potential of remote learning and education-technology in the future.

LEAD School concluded its Series C funding round earlier in August this year, with USD 38 million. The funding round was reportedly led by highly experienced, Westridge Capital Partners along with participation from existing investors as well.




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