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Amazon’s “Key for Business” reports potential threat to US apartment houses

Amazon Key for Business

Source: Grah Safe & Lock

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce service broadly used across the world. The popularity of Amazon has ‘obviously’ paid for Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos’ trip to the edge of the world. Well, we can proudly say after his announcements that we, as Amazon customers sent Bezos to outer space. Jokes apart, the e-commerce brand’s features and services are expanding year-on-year and one of those services could pose a potential threat to the apartment households in the United States.

Amazon’s Key for Business is a plan that the company has been setting up for years now, allows its delivery agents to have temporary access to people’s homes, garages, apartment building lobbies, etc. without having to be buzzed in every time there is a delivery.

This means, Amazon employees or delivery agents have access to thousands of apartment buildings in the United States alone and over the next few years, the e-commerce service will look to expand this service. In addition to this, the company is powering up to install this system in more buildings and apartments, using not so uncommon, business incentives like free installation and USD 100 gift cards.

Do you think who would fall for that? Well, thousands of households in America have done, so yeah! It is a success for Amazon.

Amazon Key for Business system includes allowing temporary access to households and apartment buildings so that it is easier for them to make deliveries without having to be buzzed in by residents. According to a report by The Verge, the delivery agents can make use of the Amazon Flex app to gain access to lobbies to deliver packages and orders effortlessly. This way, the chances of fraud minimize effectively as the deliveries can be handed over to the residents safely and securely. As mentioned in a report by The Verge, according to research published back in 2019, Amazon’s Key for Business pilot program increased the success rate of first-time deliveries from 96 percent to 98 percent.

However, there can be negative consequences of letting strangers into your home or apartment building which is pretty obvious and can pose a potential threat. For instance, the apartment building owner provides Key for Business access to Amazon, granting him entry into the building, the tenants in that household may not know about this and even if they do, it raises potential security concerns for residents living in that apartment building. This is just one scenario out of so many that we all can think of right now.

In conclusion, Amazon thinks it is a great idea and is reportedly pushing the service to more and more apartment buildings in the United States. This service can make deliveries quicker and easier, giving a significant competitive advantage to Amazon over its competitors in the market. The e-commerce brand is thus, incentivizing Key for Business and pushing its installation to more and more households.



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