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Amazon’s Twitch suffers Exodus of Executives amid strategy fight
Amazon's gaming platform is getting distant from its game streaming community.

Twitch going through an exodus of executives
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Twitch, the famous Amazon site is the stop where streamers view other people pay video games. Recently, they are said to have lost a minimum of six of their top employees since the start of 2022. These employees include the chief content officer, the chief operating officer and their head of the creator development. This executives’ ‘exodus’ began in 2021 when an estimate of 300 employees left the organisation. According to an analysis, the present figure of the people who have left in 2022 itself is somewhat more than 60.

Certain former and present employees said that these departure might continue for a while Twitch is losing its prized possession, its north star. This is the platform’s community comprising 8.5 million streamers. It is through their exploits and lures approximately 140 million people to the gaming platform every month. It became the main platform for game streamers to make a living doing what they are passionate about. However, lately Twitch has only focussed on its expansion and ways of making profit instead of understanding these streamers. It has led to the alienation of these users and serving employees in Twitch.

One of the executive employees, Marcus “DJ Wheat” Graham, the head of creator department was one of the employees to leave this year. He blamed Twitch’s shifting priority towards turning into a mainstream service that caused the current exodus.

“We went down the Silicon Valley route—hiring from Facebook, from Twitter,” he says, adding that many recruits had little understanding of gaming or livestreaming and were “unwilling to learn what this community was, why it was special.”

Twitch is still the largest game streaming platform in the world despite all the attempted competition posed y Facebook, Youtube, etc. Though the the exodus is not operationally harming Twitch, the departures of some employees have left a gap. Employees like COO Sara Clemens and Michael Aragon, the chief content officer have solidified the leadership of the CEO Emmett Shear by their exits.

Two former employees argue that the company’s inability to pay heed to warning that efforts to monetise the streamers’ work would fall, is proving to be a concern. They employees are also uncomfortable with the way their superiors are acting for they are clunking up the experience with ads that bothers viewers. These superiors appear uncomfortable with employees with lower-level workers pushing for change.

The spokesperson of Twitch have not responded to any requests for comments on the situation. However, it is clear that the equation between Twitch and its streamers is what is most crucial at this point for the innovation it created. Though the company had provided its streamers with everything they need to expand, Twitch has lately shifted its focus on turning to tech companies for recruitments.

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