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AMD builds processors and graphics card along with other high-tech devices and hardware technologies. Good news for gaming enthusiasts, the AMD Ryzen 5000 series desktop CPUs have been announced by the tech giant with its ZEN 3 microarchitecture technology.

The ZEN 3 technology tends to offer up to 16 cores, 72MB cache and 32 threads. AMD claims that this new processor is the fastest gaming processor in the market and with the latest Ryzen 5900X processor; AMD reaches a whole new level of gaming performance. The new chips from AMD are claimed to be 26% better and faster than the last generation Ryzen 3900XT. The new processor beats the performance record of the previous best gaming processor, with a generational increase in speed and performance.

credits: https://rb.gy/nuqdww

The ZEN 3 is better than ZEN 2 because now, the CPU complex (CCX) has the capacity to hold 8 cores as compared to the 4 cores in ZEN 2.

The premium high-end model of ZEN 3- Ryzen 5950X will be priced at $799 which is relatively $50 cheaper than the last generation ZEN 2 Ryzen 3900XT. One advantage that AMD provides its customers is that the new ZEN 3 processors will be compatible with all AMD 500 chipset motherboards, after the BIOS update as told by analysts.

Price of the new AMD ZEN 3 processors for India is not yet revealed by the company but the gaming performance of this beast will surely excite customers all over the world.

AMD spokesperson says that they are proud and excited to announce this wide range of ZEN 3 Ryzen 500 series chipsets that dominates multi-core performance and are true leaders of the gaming industry. Besides, these chipsets are compatible with a wide range of motherboards, an ecosystem which is drop-in ready for the latest AMD Ryzen 5000 Series desktop processors.



AMD Ryzen 5 5600X-

  • 6 Cores and 12 Threads
  • TDP- 65 Watts
  • Base Frequency- 3.7GHz
  • Boost Frequency- 4.6 GHz
  • Total Cache- 35 MB
  • CPU Cooler- Wraith Stealth

Price- INR 26,000 (approx.)/ USD 299.


AMD Ryzen 7 5800X-

  • 8 Cores and 16 Threads
  • TDP- 105 Watts
  • Base Frequency- 3.8GHz
  • Boost Frequency- 4.7 GHz
  • Total Cache- 36 MB
  • CPU Cooler- Not included

Price- INR 39,000 approx./ USD 499.

credits: https://rb.gy/17dj12

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X-

  • 12 Cores and 24 Threads
  • TDP- 105 Watts
  • Base Frequency- 3.7GHz
  • Boost Frequency- 4.8 GHz
  • Total Cache- 70 MB
  • CPU Cooler- Not included

Price- INR 48,000 approx. or USD 549.


AMD Ryzen 9 5950X-

  • 16 Cores and 32 Threads
  • TDP- 105 Watts
  • Base Frequency- 3.4GHz
  • Boost Frequency- 4.9 GHz
  • Total Cache- 72 MB
  • CPU Cooler- Not included

Price- INR 70,000 approx. or USD 799.






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