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Among Us Servers Taken Offline After DDOS Attack

According to the official Among Us Twitter page, the Among Us servers remain down due to a distributed denial of service (DDOS) attack on Friday. The DDoS fact was confirmed via our official Twitter account at the end of Friday, March 25th. According to the official Among Us Twitter account (via Eurogamer), the game server was down due to a DDoS attack. Due to the DDoS attack, the Among Us servers of all platforms were down after being down for several days, which prevents players from queuing for online games.

Among Us DDOS

credit @ Innersloth

The Among Us server outage began late Thursday, March 24 at the end of the business day, when it was announced on the game’s Twitter account that the North American and EU servers were receiving DDoSds. The team was still working on fixing the issue on Saturday and Sunday, the Twitter account was stripped of any official announcements.

In the first tweet, the team reported that the game was broken, with developers complaining about the poor timing of the DDoS attack. After the server went down, Innersloth, the developer among us, acknowledged the attack by posting an update on social media, calling it to sabotage. As quoted by PC Gamer, on Monday, March 28th, in order to avoid making DDoS attacks even more dangerous, the developers among us immediately shut down servers in North America and Europe in an effort to resolve the issue.

As developer Innersloth reported on Friday, servers have been subject to denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, due to which players constantly receive error messages when they try to go online. Not too long ago, Among Us developers, Innersloth required players to set up a standalone server in order to solve a problem after a DDoS attack.

Developer Innersloth is working to restore the servers but confirms that the multiplayer game has been sabotaged. The developer, acknowledging the problem, quickly confirmed that there was definitely a DDoS attack among us that disabled it. Since Friday afternoon, Among Us developer InnerSlot has been trying to curb a DDoS attack launched against its servers in North America and Europe to prevent many users from playing Among Us. The servers between us seem to be badly damaged, and after nearly four days of repairs, they’re still not online. The latest update from developer Innersloth confirms that “some servers are stabilizing,” which could mean some players “among us” might be able to log into the game, but things aren’t stable enough that Innersloth says it works.



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