Ukraine has received $108 million in cryptocurrency donations
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Ukraine to use NFTs as war bonds amid Russian Invasion

The unfolding geopolitical conflict in Ukraine has proved to be a potent testing ground for a new range of strategic weapons, namely focused on waging the battle for more widespread public support. Between attacks in the cyber arena and even the deployment of financial sanctions as another powerful pressure tactic, much of the new strategic arsenal has nothing to do with firing a single bullet.

The Ukrainian government is turning to the metaverse once again to help fund its fight in the war against Russia.

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The country’s Ministry of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov, who previously tweeted out crypto wallet codes so Ukraine could accept donations in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum, announced on the government is minting 54 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to raise awareness and cash to fight against invading Russian forces.

To facilitate the sales, Fedorov launched the Meta History: Museum of War NFT site, and buyers will be able to purchase their digital artwork from 5 p.m ET on March 30.

Ukraine vs Russia
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The NFT museum, called “Metahistory Museum of War,” will feature official collections related to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. It is designed to preserve the chronology of the conflict to spread true (and verified) information among the global community. Nearly twenty specialists from major Ukrainian groups and art projects, including CryptoArt Ukraine,, AVANTGARDEN, and others, are participating in the development of this project. Moreover, renowned tech brands FAIR.XYZ and Hacken will audit the smart contracts of this initiative.

Each NFT exhibits facts and a personal reflection while following a clear and simple formula: a token includes an actual news piece published by an official source and an illustration drawn by a Ukrainian artist. To conserve the history of the events, the NFTs will be minted chronologically. Additionally, Ukrainian artists will use their art skills to showcase how the war is perceived by the population of Ukraine – from the beginning right up until the final moments of the conflict.

In addition to raising awareness and maintaining historical records, the Metahistory Museum will also work in sync with other ongoing initiatives to collect donations for supporting the Ukrainian military and citizens. All proceeds from the auction of the collection’s NFTs will be transferred directly to crypto wallets belonging to the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation.