Andreessen Horowitz rises $4.5 billion for crypto
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Andreessen Horowitz makes history! Raises $4.5 billion crypto fund, the biggest in the market till date.

Andreessen Horowitz interests in Crypto.

Andreessen Horowitz happens to be Venture Capital firm which was founded by Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz. The company has it headquarter in Menlo Park, California. Andreessen Horowitz invests in both early-stage-startups and established growth companies. Recently, Andreessen Horowitz has been showing a lot of interest in the cryptocurrency market. Owning to the benefits that one can earn by investing in crypto, Horowitz has surely started thinking seriously about the crypto market and cryptocurrency. Previously, Andreessen Horowitz had announced its $2.2 Billion crypto fund which was one of the largest funding for crypto at the time. The interest of Andreessen has grown more even amidst the unanticipated, shocking crypto crash.


Let’s look at a tweet from Andreessen Horowitz:

It becomes evidently clear that a16z has inclined towards startups dealing in crypto market. A total crypto fund of $4.5Billion makes it the highest crypto fund to be raised in the entire world. This is surely a huge boost for the market, for the investors and for the startups dealing in cryptocurrency.


What will the fund be focused in?

The fund of $4.5 Billion will be focused in developing start ups dealing in crypto market and Web 3.0 related startups. The funds will be divided separately. $3 Billion will be dedicated towards venture investments and $1.5 Billion will be dedicated to seed investments. The funds raised for crypto by the firm in the fourth round will bring the total tally of amount raised by Andreessen Horowitz for crypto to $7.6 Billion. A16z has backed some of the largest companies, exchanges dealing in cryptocurrencies such as Coinbase (Cryptocurrency Exchange), OpenSea (NFT market place)              and many more.


What is Andreesen Horowitz’s vision? Let’s see.

Andreessen Horowitz vision
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Andreesen Horowitz has taken necessary steps to support the crypto market over a period of time. Even during the bearish nature of the market, where the market lost billions of moneys, Andreesen Horowitz has shown the belief in cryptocurrency. The firm has also launched a research arm stacked with cryptocurrency experts to help the portfolio companies. There is also a belief that Andreesen Horowitz is acting up to delegate the voting stakes to organizations like student clubs, in an effort to dilute their influence. Many critiques believe that these steps and raising funds in crypto market won’t be sufficient to convince them that, Andreessen Horowitz is a true believer of crypto at heart.