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Android 12 OS very likely to support “Recycle Bin”

Android 12

Source: Android Central

The next big Mobile software update from Google is the Android 12 and the internet has started filling the bottle with speculations and rumours. Now, according to recent reports as shared by XDA Developers, Android 12 may support a “Recycle Bin” feature. The research company has been digging up Google’s code for the same and have found links to the potential feature. Although, the search engine company has not officially revealed several new features, this one is in line with the main Android Setting app that features the new “Trash” setting.

If your look at it in a certain way, understanding the functionality of the feature is not a difficult task. However, the “Trash” setting found in the main Android Settings app will open up the storage that the Trash is occupying and next to it will be the option to delete this trash to empty the consumed storage space. Not that difficult! A report by The Verge explains that this feature is more complicated than it looks, especially for Android OS. The functionality of a “Recycle Bin” is the same on Windows and Mac as we have been using for many many years now, but there are certain complications with the Android version of the feature.

As mentioned in a report by The Verge, “Trash” API was already available on Android 11 and it was more or less used to hide applications and files instead of deleting them in one go. Google is reportedly preparing to launch an official application in the “Files” bundle that contains all other utility applications by Google.

The problem with this “Trash” application on Android 11 had a major issue that there was no option for recovery of deleted files and as uncovered by XDA Developers, the same issue exists in the code for Android 12 which has to be seriously looked upon by Google.

All in all, Android 12 is still in the making and has not been officially rolled out by the company. This means that there is a high probability that Google will look upon these issues before launching the software on public devices. As far as the “Trash” feature is concerned, Google should add the option in its File application along with the option to recover the deleted files.

In any Operating System, all people desire is to have easy to understand options and especially with something as important as a “Trash Bin”, your last chance to recover something that might have deleted by mistake.



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