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Animal Crossing Makes It To The Video Game Hall Of Fame

Animal Crossing Makes It To The Video Game Hall Of Fame

Animal Crossing

The World Video Game Hall of Fame announced this year’s winners in an official press release. Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego? “and” The World of Animal Crossing: New Leaf “in the official video game hall of fame.

The video game hall has always honored titles that have shaped the industry, and this year’s crop of winners is no different. The focus seems to be on a genre best embodied over the years by Animal Crossing and Starcraft, but it seems as if this year’s focus is on genres that best personify the genre.

While none of the titles awarded this year are particularly surprising, Animal Crossing is perhaps the most notable because it is about what makes the Hall of Fame: giving the game the freedom to play. Speaking at today’s announcement, research historian Racquel Gonzales said: ‘The game has its own freedom of play. While some big nominees have lost out this year, Strong’s National Museum of Play is likely to unveil a new set of introductory models in 2022.

The localized release of the game was the version that received the honor of being inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame. Finally, Animal Crossing has crossed the ultimate line and made it into the global video game arena.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing has received this honor for the first time, despite the popularity it has brought Nintendo in recent years. Many of his players have also thanked the title for helping them keep their heads down during the pandemic. This year’s Inductee is one of the most popular video games ever – with over 3.5 million downloads in the US alone.

The World Video Game Hall of Fame is located at the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York, and the games are on display in the museum’s new video game collection. The collection, which ranks among the top 10 most popular video games of all time, will add four more games to its ranking as the winners are announced in 2021, the museum said in a press release on its website.

Thousands of video game submissions are hoping to make it into the Hall of Fame, so let us know in the comments and feel free to join us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram to talk about all the things that games have to play.



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