Another shady crypto called JRR Token has reached the market

If you are a lord of the rings fan, then the name JRR Token might sound familiar to you. It has been based on the writer of the series Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkein. Even though it might sound like a good idea, the coin doesn’t seem legitimate. Why? The entire premise of the coin seems to trick the users into believing that they have some official collaboration with the lord of the rings, but that’s not true. The website of the token says, “The One Token that Rules them all.”

Action against the JRR Token

The officials took some steps after the token gained a little limelight due to its shady naming scheme and website. One of the most iconic ones was the line said by wizard Gandalf in the fellowship movie is “You shall not pass,” referring to the token. The estate also took action by using the World Intellectual Property Organizations’ arbitrary procedure where it argued that the token infringed their trademark rights to the Tolkein’s name. The officials also claimed that the site was designed in a way that people thought they had some official collaboration with J.R.R Tolkein and his books.

JRR Token

The defense of the developer

While a lot was blamed on the token and the maker, the developer had his line of defense quite ready. He said that a token is a unique form of digital currency. In fact, even though while naming it the JRR token, they had the author in mind, it became a parody more than some copying. Plus, the term JRR stands for “Journey through risk and reward,” according to the developer. Even after the explanations, the ruling was favored for the Tolkien estate.

The court said that the domain name of the website was such that it intentionally took advantage of the Tolkein estate name. According to them, this was a clear case of trademark infringement and even more that could deceive the users. Therefore, the domain name, the Twitter account, has been taken down by the authorities. Plus, the developer also had to pay the legal costs of the Tolkien estate in the US and UK.

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