Anticipated Tech IPOs In US market for the year 2023
Anticipated Tech IPOs In US market for the year 2023

Anticipated Tech IPOs In US market for the year 2023

The year 2023 seems to be a year of IPO in which many tech companies will be launching their IPOs along with huge success in recent years. Although the year 2022 was considered one of the worst years for the IPOs. major companies like stripe and space X are looking to expand their potential with the help of IPOs alongside the sources of optimism from the market in the year 2023.

The financial year 2022 was a moderate year in terms of IPOs for companies in the US. This can be analyzed from the fact that only 80 companies went public in the USA in the year 2022, which is seen as a downfall of 88% from the year 2021.

Anticipated Tech IPOs In US market for the year 2023
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Getaround which is a car rental Marketplace has been merged with a special-purpose vehicle accompany and witness a downfall of 90% in its share price last month. In this manner, Getaround has been seen as a company with penny stock territory in the year 2022. Similarly, Mobileye which is a self-driving car company went public in the year month of October in 2022 two and its shares are traded up to 70% it more price from their listed price. 

Compared to 2022 the year 2021 was considered for buzz year in which many Tech startups like Coinbase, GitLab, Toast, Confluent, and Bumble went public in the US market. Although many companies were able to get listed in that duration all these companies are now traded at farmer low prices than their first-day closing prices by the end of 2022.

The companies that will go public in 2023

Stripe will be the company that will be listed this year on the US exchange the company is having a valuation of $95 billion from east first investors and will be considered a type of monster when it will go public. the company was founded in 2010 by brothers Patrick and John Collison.

Space X is the next company which is considered one of the highest-value Tech companies. it is estimated that the company is having a valuation of $143 billion, As most of the employees of SpaceX are given shares as a part of their company recruitment most of the employees will be able to see all of their sales after the public listing of the company in the US market.

Databricks which is considered a cloud company, e two companies having a valuation of $31 billion in the year 2022, it is expected that the company will be able to issue the IPOs this year and the company is confident in terms of their Cloud Computing performance in the recent times.