Apple acquires imaging startup InVisage Technologies

09 November 2017, India:

Apple has acquired InVisage Technologies. InVisage Technologies is a startup which develops solutions to improve imaging capabilities on space-constrained devices like smartphones.

A TechChrunch report states that an Apple spokesperson confirmed the acquisition with its customary statement : “Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans”.

Lets checkout the recent activities which gives indication of this deal:

  • Some InVisage employees have already changed their employment status on LinkedIn. They have stated that they are working at Apple. Meanwhile, InVisage erased the section of its website that provides details about some of its senior staff.
  • Last year, in November InVisage stopped updating its social media and other communication channels.
  • InVisage changed its legal firm. Now they are using the same legal firm which provides services to Apple.

Apple has not disclosed any plans or strategies. So, its not clear how Apple will use InVisage’s technology.

Some details about InVisage Technologies:

QuantumFilm is the key product of InVisage Technologies. QuantumFilm brings both software technology and material science together to create smaller imaging technology which is better at taking high quality pictures in a variety of low lighting conditions.

InVisage describes QuantumFilm as “QuantumFilm is a photosensitive layer that relies on InVisage’s newly invented class of materials to absorb light; specifically, the new material is made up of quantum dots, nanoparticles that can be dispersed to form a grid once they are synthesized. Just like paint, this dispersion of solid materials can be coated onto a substrate and allowed to dry.”

QuantumFilm is ten times thinner than traditional image sensors which are silicon-based. Despite very less thickness, QuantumFilm can absorb the same amount of light as silicon. QuantumFilm has been designed to absorb the full spectrum of light. This allows more efficient and complete processing.

InVisage has many technologies which Apple can use. Also, InVisage has some image-sensors patents, which can help Apple.

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