Apple Airpods pro 2 are coming soon with a new design; Says leaks

With the Apple Airpods pro, the compnay stepped into the noise cancelling buds market. The buds were priced at $249 intially and even though it was expensive, the quality was top-notch like all Apple products. This was also the reason that it receiveed great recetion from the market and was a hit. And now the Apple Airpods pro 2 are about to come out in a few months says some leaks. This time Apple is said to be focusing on fitness design unlike previous gen models. So, maybe the new Aipods will appeal to a different segment of the market.

Apple Airpods pro 2

The recent leaks say that these upgrades to the initial Airpods pro are just around the corner. Mac Otakara, a japansese site say that these new earphones could launch as soon as April. And to back their claims the site also mentions that the news comes from the Chinese suppliers. Another detail that was mentioned was, that the thickness of the case will be same but the box will be wider from the last-gen model. Do note that the leaks doesn’t specifiy anything about the design of the Airpods.

Apple Airpods pro 2 coming soon!

But the change in the dimensions also suggest that the design of the new Airpiods might be different. And maybe the more wider charging case means a different type of battery. But nothing is confirmed as of now. And I wouldn’t bet much on the design change leak as Apple is really casual about updating the look of their products. One thing is sure though, that these new earphones will be quite an upgrade to the last gen Airpods pro.

Apple’s market performace

All of Apple’s products have always been a success. When the initial Airpods came out, it set a trend of truly wireless buds in the market. And for the first few months the demand was so high that the product often used to go out of stock. And now that Apple has launched their insanely priced Airpods Max headphones they are also doing really well. So, I am quite optimistic that the new Airpods pro 2 will also do really well in the market.

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