Apple and Hyundai are partnering up to build Apple’s EV

Apple’s electric vehicle has been rumored to come out for quite some time now. But the company doesn’t have any experience in the market both in terms of production and understanding. This is the reason Apple and Hyundai are partnering up to build Apple’s first Electric car. The news about this partnership is almost confirmed, but the launch is not happening anytime soon. We will have to wait at least till 2025 to see anything released or announced.

Apple and Hyundai partnership

Hyundai said in an official statement about how the companies are in talks to partner up. After the announcement, the company’s shares soared by 20%, increasing its valuation by 6.5 billion pounds. Maybe Apple asked Hyundai to change its statement, or there might be something else, but the company did alter its declaration from naming Apple to “various companies”. And as of now, Apple hasn’t made any comments on the same.

Apple and Hyundai to Sign Apple Car Deal by March With Production Beginning in 2024 | MacRumors Forums

Now, coming to Apple, it has been planning to build its own Electric vehicle since 2014. But the project was kept under hold or, more accurately, didn’t materialize. But now, with the growing EV market and Tesla’s flawless performance, it is obvious why Apple wants to enter the market. And since it doesn’t have any experience in the same, the company plans to partner up with Hyundai. Apple might base its EVs on Hyundai’s electric architecture, which at best can be called mediocre.

If we look closely at Apple it is evident that the company lays down the production part on other companies. Even for its phones and tablets, the manufacturing is handled by Foxconn a Taiwanese company. This is what the Apple and Hyundai partnership is meant to be for its EV production.

Apple’s new EV

Apple's electric car
Image Source: Cult of Mac

Apple said that their EVs would be based on a mono cell battery offering better range. Plus, they are also considering the option to replace lithium-ion batteries with lithium-phosphate ones. This will help them in preventing overheating issues. Another key component of an Electric car is its software, which will most likely be made by Apple themselves. And the partnership with Hyundai will help them do mass production without making any investments in the same. This will cut down the operational costs of the company by a huge margin. The idea of Apple making an electric car seems quite promising but we have to wait and see how that actually turns out to be.

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