Parler removed from Appstore and suspended from AWS

Negligence on its part got Parler removed from Appstore. The app was also suspended from using Amazon Web Services. As cited by the companies, the reason for the ban was Parler not taking effective steps to prevent the spread of posts promoting violence. And shortly after the AppStore and AWS ban, the app was also removed from the play store. If the USA president can get banned for that reason, it is a good enough reason for any app to get suspended too. (Fun fact: Trump supporters are in favor of the app.)

About Parler

Parler is an American social-media site and was founded back in 2018. The app’s user base is quite extreme. According to Wikipedia, the app has a lot of Trump supporters, conspiracy theorists, and even right-wing extremists. The user base explains why the app has issues regulating the posts of users. Parler positions itself as a competitor to Facebook and Twitter and says it takes human rights and the “free speech” notion much more seriously. The users, the posts, and the app itself is controversial, and there are a lot of things on the platform that should not be present online.

Parler ban and what’s next?

Parler removed from Appstore

After the ban, Apple did say that the app will stay suspended till the issues were resolved. While Amazon didn’t comment anything about the app coming back. It did mention that the app unable to control the promotion of violence was the reason for it getting banned. The email that was sent by Amazon said that Parler possesses a “very real risk to public safety.” Commenting on the same, the CEO of Parler was very angry about the move by the companies. He even claimed that the ban was a planned effort between these companies right at the time when Donald Trump was banned from social media sites.

Parler said that they are working on the app at the moment and are rebuilding it from scratch. For the time that is done, the app won’t be available for users. He also claimed that the main reason for the ban of Parler was to reduce competition in the Social-Media space. Let’s see if the app can fix everything and arrive on the App Store and play store.

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