Apple CEO defends policies in trial against Epic Games

In a recent hearing of the ongoing legal battle between Apple Inc. and game developer Epic Games, Apple CEO Tim Cook presented tons of evidence in support of his firm’s policies.

Epic Games vs. Apple
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For the Sake of Privacy and Security

The hearing for the case, wherein the Fortnite maker wants Apple Inc. to take down its policies pertaining to the App Store, took place on Friday. Cook argued for the court to allow the iPhone maker’s current policies (including its take on third-party purchases), as well as its tendency to take up to 30% of all digital purchases made through apps on the App Store, took stay.

To counter Epic Games’ demand for Apple to allow apps to set up different payment systems or even mini app stores on the iPhone, Cook said that its current policies help protect the security of iPhone.

Monopoly in the Money Game

The company has recently been extensively criticized for having become too powerful, and Epic Games is calling it out for its alleged “monopoly” over apps on the iPhone.

In his argument, Cook has said that since phones are in contact with their users most of the time, the iPhone ought to have instant service. He further added that the sheer number of iPhones on the market would have meant that the threat profile would become too large. He said so in response to Epic’s argument that Mac is very safe despite allowing third-party access apart from the App Store.

He also added that a document which shows the App Store to have raked in 78% in profits, did not record a number of costs, and was not representative of the bottom line.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney has accused Apple of taking a huge bite of the company’s profits, by not providing them a means to carry out some transactions.