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Apple CEO Tim Cook chastises employees for leaking information, in an internal memo that was leaked

Apple employees were in for an earful this week from none other than the company’s boss himself. Apple CEO Tim Cook chastised employees for leaking information to the media in an internal memo that, interestingly, was also leaked to the media. Yes, you read that right.

Expressing Frustration Through An Email

As per a report by The Verge, the Apple head on Tuesday sent an email to the firm’s staff, expressing his “frustration” about the fact that information about an upcoming product launch, as well as details from an all-hands meeting that was held recently, were leaked.

The letter apparently has Cook saying that the team is currently putting in efforts to identify the leakers, while adding that the company doesn’t tolerate any disclosure of confidential information. He has also said that people “who leak confidential information do not belong here,” while acknowledging the fact that the leakers constitute only a small proportion of Apple’s employees.

Frequent Testing And New Products

Just last week, on September 17 to be exact, Apple had organized a company-wide meeting, where Cook had said that the firm would now require unvaccinated employees to be frequently tested, even as it stopped short of making vaccinations mandatory. He further added that he was “looking forward to moving forward” following the antitrust suit against Epic Games. The news was reportedly leaked to the media soon thereafter.

In his letter, the Apple CEO says that such meetings are “opportunities to connect as a team,” and can work only if there is a trust among employees that the content will stay within the company itself. He then went on to thank the staff for their efforts towards making Apple products a reality, touching upon the recently launched iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 models.

Things That Were Eagerly Awaited

The launch of the new products came amidst widespread excitement and high expectations for the latest versions of the operating systems, with the new iOS 15 taking center stage. The new update comes equipped with major upgrades to a number of apps, including Health, Wallet, and even FaceTime. The Safari and Weather apps have also seen a major overhaul, and newbies are also to be found in other features such as Siri and Mail Privacy Protection.

Apple CEO Tim Cook chastises employees for leaking information, in an internal memo that was leaked

Image Credits: Apple

It remains to be seen what action will be taken by the company once the people responsible for leaking the insider information, once they are actually identified.



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