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Apple delays subscription-based Podcasts service till next month

Apple Podcasts
Source: MobileSyrup

What is Apple if not a perfectionist? The aesthetics on the outside are as important as the aesthetics on the inside and this ideology embraced by Apple makes the company different from its competitors and offers them a loyal customer base. Whatever the company comes up with, be it a product or a service or a feature, it ensures adding value to their customer’s lives with the best possible user experience.

Recently, in order to achieve that level of perfection, Apple has announced to delay its subscription-based Podcasts service till next month. The company revealed the news to its podcasters through an email where it mentions delaying the launch of the Apple Podcasts subscription service.

According to reports, Apple confirms to launch the service in June after making certain necessary tweaks to ensure the best possible experience for listeners and creators.

Apple is way ahead of the competition when it comes to technology and especially audio technology. Recently, the company announced to partner with Dolby Atmos to bring the best audio quality experience ever on a smartphone. Apple’s latest iOS 14.6 update will enable Apple Music subscribers to play their music in Dolby Atmos quality. Other than this, the update is also launching lossless audio for Apple Music subscribers but the catch with this is that it only works with wired headphones, speakers or earphones. Thus, Apple Airpods will not be getting the lossless audio experience.

As the world is progressing towards audio-based platforms and podcasts are coming into mainstream content, Apple has decided to offer a subscription-based podcast service to its listeners, similar to what Spotify is doing.

Spotify is one of the biggest competitors of Apple when it comes to Apple Music and Apple Podcasts because Spotify has been around for quite a while and also, it is an integrated app with both these services perfectly built-in. So, no separate apps for listening to your favourite music and podcasts. This is one of the biggest benefits of owning a Spotify subscription than Apple Music’s subscription.

However, this is just one person’s opinion and you have the power to make your own decision. Apple’s subscription-based Podcasts service will offer users some extra perks like bonus Apple-exclusive content, ad-free listening as well as early access to some podcasts.

Apple is doing wonders with its Podcasts app and as the world progress towards audio-based content platforms, Apple wants to be number one in all those categories.

Apple Podcasts subscription service will now launch next month in June, till then creators and listeners should wait or maybe download Spotify in the meanwhile.