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Apple expands its digital student IDs to Canada and more US universities

Apple Wallet

Source: Apple Support

Student IDs have become a universal attribute for students going to universities and schools. Almost every university and school provide plastic ID cards to its students as an identification badge and it serves more than just to ID the student from a particular university or school, it also allows them to avail great discounts on products and groceries when they go out shopping. The United States and Canada are particularly popular for offering massive discounts and offers to students having their ID cards onsite while making a purchase. Big tech companies such as Apple offers massive student discounts on Apple products and services that can make a student’s life easier.

Having said that, Apple is expanding this generosity by expanding the availability of contactless, digital student IDs to more schools and universities in the United States and Canada. Students ID, as mentioned is an important attribute for every student and Apple is making the process of identifying students by offering a digital solution where students can add their ID cards to their Apple Wallet and simply use their iPhones for everything from IDing themselves as students from XYZ universities and to access facilities and pay for products, food items and services across campus and outside the campus as well.

The feature first rolled out in 2018 and ever since, it has been subsequently expanding to universities and schools in the United States. According to recent reports, for the first time ever, Apple is expanding its digital ID service to Canada where students will be able to use only their iPhones to ID themselves and avail all student benefits across their university campus or even outside them in supermarkets, Apple Stores and more.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Apple’s contactless ID software is expanding to more universities and schools in the United States and the latest partnerships include the University of Maine, Auburn University, New Mexico State University, and Northern Arizona University.

Apple’s technology, services, products and tools are taking over universities in the United States and is now expanding to Canada, this means that soon, every university and school in the world could make use of Apple’s incredible software services, adding ID cards to Apple Wallet and just needing an iPhone to access every student benefit service across and outside campuses. It can also be predicted that Apple’s digital contactless ID cards technology could cater to organizations and companies, for a thing in future and if this goes well, all we would need is an iPhone.



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