Apple hires employees in India in preparation for opening its first flagship stores

Apple has begun hiring retail store employees in India and announced plans to fill numerous more positions as it prepares to launch its first flagship locations in the world’s second-largest smartphone market by the end of this quarter.

Apple’s career page posted openings for 12 positions in “various locations within India” on Friday, including technical specialist, business expert, senior manager, store leader, and “genius.”

Numerous job listings specifically mention flagship retail operations. One observes, “the Apple Store is a retail environment like no other — uniquely focused on delivering amazing customer experiences.”

The 12 listings suggest hundreds of job openings, given that an average Apple Store has at least 100 staff, and flagship stores can employ up to 1,000 individuals. Some features on Apple’s website, such as “market leader,” refer to managing teams “across Apple Stores,” indicating that additional locations are in the plans beyond the widely known 22,000-square-foot store scheduled to debut in March Mumbai.

Five Mumbai and New Delhi employees have separately declared on LinkedIn that they have been hired for the unannounced outlets. One proclaimed their promotion to “Lead Genius” – a customer-facing tech support position — while another announced her promotion to senior manager. Renu Sevanthi, Apple’s head of recruitment in India, “celebrated” several announcements on the social networking site.

Apple Begins Hiring For Its First Branded Stores In India - Tech News Space

Apple did not immediately comment on its plans to open its very first stores in the country. Moreover it has not yet confirmed those plans. But in February 2020, Apple Store CEO Tim Cook warned investors that he was not content to leave retail sales to franchise partners and that the company would expand to India the following year. Cook stated at the 2020 annual shareholders meeting, “I don’t want someone else to run our brand for us.”

Apple greets online customers with “Namaste”

Apple launched its online store in India later that year, greeting online consumers with “Namaste.” But physical storefronts have yet to appear. The move would be crucial for the firm as it seeks to diversify its manufacturing away from China. Moreover, boost its embryonic production operations in India. Experts in the supply chain assert that Apple aspires to control all parts of the consumer experience, from Apple-designed semiconductors in its smartphones to Apple Store sales associates.

“The stars are finally aligning for Apple in India,” said Neil Shah, an analyst at Counterpoint, a market intelligence group.

Cook reportedly met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015 and advocated for opening an Apple Store in the country. However, protectionist regulations mandate that international enterprises selling directly to consumers must source 30% of their components domestically.
In 2017, Apple suppliers began building iPhones in India following a relaxation of regulations in recent years. This allowed the company to avoid 22 per cent in tariffs, which boosted sales.

Since then, New Delhi has incentivized smartphone manufacturers to increase production in India. Production increase resulting in significant investments from Taiwanese contract manufacturers Foxconn, Wistron, and Pegatron.