Apple hires Meta’s AR public relations head

Apple is said to have hired the communications lead for Meta augmented reality ahead of its 2022 headgear debut. Mark Gurman reported in his Bloomberg newsletter, ‘Power On,’ that the company has hired Andrea Schubert, the the communications and public relations director at Meta Platforms Inc. for six years to lead its augmented reality operations.


“Apple is starting to get its ducks in a row ahead of that launch. “I’m told the company has engaged Andrea Schubert, the communications and public relations chief of Meta Platforms Inc., to lead its augmented reality operations,” it says. Schubert had previously worked as a communications manager for Oculus, a virtual reality firm. After then, Facebook bought the company, which is now known as Meta.

Apple’s impending AR/VR headgear has sparked even more speculation, with Bloomberg suggesting that it will feature 8K displays (4K in each eye). The device is believed to include 3D sensors capable of recognising hand motions, as well as two chips, one of which is on the same computational level as an M1 and the other of which handles input from additional sensors according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

Furthermore, despite the iPhone’s superior microprocessor, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the headgear will rely significantly on an iPhone connection for processor-intensive operations. The headset is also planned to be lightweight, weighing only 350 grammes and containing 15 camera modules with eye-tracking capability. According to Kuo, the headgear would feature Sony’s Micro-OLED displays as well as optical components for a see-through AR experience. Virtual reality will also be supported by the headgear.

The headset will be portable as well, but it will have its own computing and storage capabilities.

Apple’s AR/VR headset is likely to be released in late 2022, with a price range of $2000 to $3000. (about Rs 2,25,500). While he first claimed that “Apple Glasses” would be significantly reliant on the iPhone, the expert now claims that the device will include a sophisticated chip that will allow it to function without a phone nearby.

While numerous reports predicted that Apple would unveil its AR/VR headset in 2020, it now appears that the company is planning to unveil the device in 2022. Apple’s headset is currently expected to hit shops in late 2022, according to the most likely scenario. Of course, things could change before Apple formally reveals the new gadget, but the fact that Apple has hired Meta’s PR implies that the firm is serious about its AR headset.