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Apple Inc. might launch their Electric car within 5 years

Apple inc. hires capable ex-employees of Tesla to launch their own electric vehicle, within the first five years of the decade. The firm is very new to this technology so it is going to take some time and experience to go through it. But the hiring of these experienced ex-employees of other firms is going to help a lot though.

About the project

Tech enthusiasts of California have formed a small team working on developing different parts of the vehicle. The Apple Car project has gone through a series of stages, going from the iPhone maker’s desire to establish an electric self-driving car. And it was then decided to build its vehicle before later pivoting to focus on developing self-driving software. Apple has added more than 600 employees to its car project since 2015. According to people familiar with the matter, now total more than 1,200 workers focused on autonomous systems.

Apple Recruits Tesla Alums For Its Car. Launch 5 Years Away

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Apple is looking into creating its self-driving car, according to a report by Bloomberg. The information published earlier today also said that Apple would build a car, not just a software system for an autonomous vehicle. When and whether Apple will release an automobile is uncertain. That effort began in 2014 when Apple executives set up a self-driving car team. Moreover, that included experts recruited from Tesla Motors and others who were already part of Apple’s secretive Special Projects group.

Apple Inc. and its competition

Taking on the world’s most profitable company has its risks. Apple additionally faces challenges from Alphabet Inc.’s Waymo and Uber Technologies Inc. pursuing self-driving vehicles. There are also by Tesla Inc., along with smaller companies like Lucid Motors Inc., which plans to begin production next year. Google’s Waymo division may be leading the field in autonomous driving, having tested more than 3 million miles on public roads.

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The Apple Car’s software development is being led by the project’s former leader, Steve Zadesky. Current employees include at least one hard-core enthusiast. Apple hired Chris Porritt, a former chief vehicle engineer with the British carmaker Aston Martin, to develop standards and processes for testing self-driving cars.

Apple Inc. is set to make history in its course of time, and it feels it will be legendary. People always look up to the new iOS upgrades and iPhone models. And this inevitable turn of events will bring the company on the map of a successful business if they could have the perfect market reach.

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