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Apple iPhone 12 could come in cheaper: Here’s Why

Components used in any device manufacturing plays an integral part in the price of that device. Rumours suggest that Apple is planning to cheaper components for Apple iPhone 12 and thus cut down on the cost of the device. This is due to the hardware cost of 5g that they are trying to cut down.

Apple iphone 12

Image source: Forbes

According to reports, the iPhone 12’s battery will cost 40-50% cheaper than iPhone 11’s battery. The cost increase of the device due to the 5g technology and millimetre wave chips is supposed to around $190-$220 in total.

Report’s from kuo say that Apple iPhone 12 will have a complete soft board design to cut down cost. In addition to this, they are also pressuring part suppliers to provide parts at cheaper rates. Taking a look at Apple’s reputation of overpricing their devices, it is difficult to predict that any production cost reduction will reach the end consumers.

Airpods Rumours

Image Source: TechRadar

Apple is also planning to cut down on the production cost of AirPods in its 3rd gen devices. By replacing PCB systems with a system in package design, they are going to achieve this. There is still time in the launch of the 3rd gen Airpods. The launch is rumoured to be in the 1st half of 2021. So, we have to wait until then.

Let’s hope for the best that Apple passes down the reduction in price to the consumers. Another essential thing to note is that there is a rumour of iPhone 12 to get manufactured in India. If that happens, we might see a good price cut in India too.



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