Apple iPhone 15 Design Leaked Online Prior to Launch
Apple iPhone 15 Design Leaked Online Prior to Launch Image Credits: Apple Hub

Apple iPhone 15 Design Leaked Online Prior to Launch
Upcoming flagship, the iPhone 15 series's design has been leaked online, here is what we know:

There has been a lot of hype around the upcoming new flagships for this year! Well, we do have updates about the new flagships from the Android world, but what about the iOS? Well, definitely we will get to see a new Apple iPhone powered with new flavors of features ranging from a new chipset, the camera on the hardware, and then the latest iOS update on the software side.

For those who may not be aware! Every year, Apple iPhones are among the most eagerly awaited smartphones, and thanks to the same buzz, this year’s iPhone has finally arrived! The most anticipated smartphone of the year is once again the iPhone 15 series.

Although it will still take more time this year, this smartphone will eventually be released. However, we already know some positive information regarding this next iPhone 15 model, namely, some aspects of its appearance. So let’s look closely at this:

Apple iPhone 15 models Design Leaked Online

As we previously stated, there have been recent revisions about the design of the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 variants. So, when it comes to the design, it has been said that there won’t be much alterations made in comparison to the previously released series. Therefore, we can conclude that the design will be relatively similar to the Apple iPhone 14 versions now on the market.

Speaking of this smartphone in more detail, rumours indicate that the top-tier Pro versions will settle for minor tweaks to the camera side. Apple may be updating its camera portfolio for the upcoming models since they might have new camera sensors.

That was about the design side! Now, what we know about the specification side here. So, let’s take a deep look into the situation.

Apple iPhone 15 models specification 

Talking about the specification side, here we have leaks which says that this new Apple iPhone 15 models will be settling with a faster and way more efficient chipset which will be the new Apple Bionic A17 SoC.

Once again, this new chipset will be much more effective in terms of performance and efficiency. Then, as we previously said, we will also get to view an updated camera arrangement. How about the displays now? As of right now, it has been said that the new iPhone 15 flagships would have a series of new, upgraded panels.

Speaking more specifically about this iPhone, leaks indicate that Apple will finally switch to a USB-C port after abandoning its Lighting port in response to a recent EU law that the EU government passed stating that all tech companies must adhere to making the USB-C port the universal port for connection.