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Apple iPhone SE 3 – New Renders, specs, pricing details leaked
New renderings, specifications, and price details for the upcomingApple iPhone SE 3 have been released.

Apple iPhone SE 3 - New Renders, specs, pricing details leaked

Apple iPhone SE 3 – New Renders, specs, pricing details leaked
Image Credits: Ankush Vishwakarma

When the iPhone SE 3, predicted to arrive in the coming months, arrives, it will have a high bar to clear. The newest model, the iPhone SE (2020), packs a strong A13 Bionic processor into a small package. It’s still a great phone, even if it’s a touch antiquated today.

With the iPhone SE 3, Apple is attempting to fix that outmoded sensation. According to rumors, Apple will provide a number of significant iPhone SE enhancements, including 5G connection and the same strong A15 Bionic CPU featured in the iPhone 13.

Not only would the new chip increase speed, but it would also improve photos and extend battery life. It’s no surprise that the iPhone SE 3 is one of the phones we’re most looking forward to in 2022. You can also have a look at the official new render showing Apple iPhone SE 3 completely!

Unfortunately, Apple appears to be keeping the iPhone SE 3’s design the same as the current iPhone SE. Nonetheless, due of the addition of 5G and the predicted power for what should be one of the finest affordable phones, the iPhone SE 3 might be a lot larger issue than you think.

Launch Date rumors for Apple iPhone SE 3

The iPhone SE 3 is expected to be released in early 2022, according to all speculations so far, with regular and trusted source Mark Gurman predicting the iPhone SE 3 will be presented at the next big Apple event. This event, which is likely to be a virtual display, is expected to take place in March or April.

So, assuming these reports are true, we won’t have to wait too long for the next affordable iPhone. Intriguingly, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the company plans to release a new iPhone SE model in 2023, with a bigger display. If you’re not sure if the buzz is justified, see our guide to deciding whether to wait for the iPhone SE 3 or buy the iPhone SE now.

Leaked pricing for Apple iPhone SE 3

We don’t know much about the iPhone SE 3’s price yet, but we expect it to be similar to the current iPhone SE, which costs $399. For many consumers, the price-to-performance ratio is what makes Apple’s present model so enticing, and it would be unwise of Apple to deviate from that.

However, the same could be said of the Pixel 4a’s $349 price tag, but when it came time to add 5G connection and an ultrawide camera lens, Google didn’t hesitate to raise the Pixel 5a’s price to $449.

The iPhone SE 3 is said to be priced at 3,499 yuan ($542), according to one leaker. That appears to be a lot of money, yet currency conversions are rarely precise.

Leaked specifications for Apple iPhone SE 3

So far, we do not even know much about the iPhone SE 3’s specifications, but according to a Macotakara claim, the next iPhone SE will be powered by the A15 Bionic CPU. This is the same chip that powers the iPhone 13. As a result, the iPhone SE 3 might possibly be the quickest low-cost phone available.

That’s not exactly taking a chance. The processor that powered the flagship iPhones introduced the previous autumn was used in the final two iPhone SE models. As a result, the iPhone SE (2020) has the same A13 processor as the iPhone 11.

5G connection is another big enhancement rumored for the iPhone SE 3, which seems like a no-brainer for any phone in 2022. Google already has a low-cost 5G phone in the Pixel 5a.

Leaked camera details for Apple iPhone SE 3

Thanks to Apple’s computational photography, the iPhone SE 2020 shoots good-looking photographs, yet it only has one lens. For the iPhone SE 3, we’d like to see Apple include an ultrawide lens. On competing with the Pixel 5a, Apple could add a night mode to the iPhone SE 3. The iPhone SE 3’s front camera might also use an improvement since the present selfie snapper is only 7MP.

Leaked battery and camera details for Apple iPhone SE 3

The battery life of the iPhone SE was a noteworthy flaw. The iPhone SE lasted 9 hours and 18 minutes, which was over 4G.

Fortunately, Apple’s A15 Bionic chipset should help the iPhone SE run more efficiently, and we’re hoping for a bigger battery as well.

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