Apple is desperately trying to avoid job cuts by delaying products and avoiding AI

These companies have been reducing their workforce since the beginning of 2023. Apple does not wish to implement layoffs, unlike many other large tech businesses. The IT giant has delayed the debut of several significant products, like the Homepod with a built-in screen, to devote more resources to other initiatives since it is determined to avoid becoming another Google, Microsoft, or Meta. You may also have to wait for dreams of your smart home running on Apple AI like ChatGPT.

This information comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who said in his most recent newsletter that Apple is pushing back the release of a Homepod with a built-in screen until next year to focus more heavily on other, more urgent initiatives. The particular nature of the initiatives needs to be explicitly stated in the letter. But, Apple has also attempted to rein down some teams’ excessive spending, even mandating that they get senior VP clearance before making any purchases. This is in addition to the product delays.

Apple VR may still come out this year

Apple has several significant forthcoming releases planned for 2023 and the years after. It most likely contains its new M3 processor, which is said to power a new iMac, a 15-inch MacBook Air, an M2 Ultra-powered MacBook Pro, and a new iMac. The mixed reality headset is another issue that is experiencing delays.

Apple is trying its best to avoid layoffs
Credits: The Hans India

Apple VR may still come out this year, but it’s still a question whether this release will make any impression in the market, especially considering its estimated $3,000 price tag. Of course, the much-awaited iPhone 15 is still out there. The anticipated iPads for the following year will have larger and sharper displays.

These projects are on schedule as of now. Intriguingly, the release of the next-generation Homepod has been flagged as a delayable product, given how frequently Apple’s Siri has been criticised lately for being outdated in light of the buzz around ChatGPT and the integration of AI chatbots into apps like Microsoft Office.

CEO Tim Cook says layoffs are “a last resort kind of thing”

Though, Gurman asserted that Apple isn’t developing any AI that is “reminiscent” of the present chatbots. According to the veteran Apple analyst, there was no discussion of ChatGPT during the company’s annual AI summit, but ideas are still being worked on deeper inside the Cupertino headquarters.

In addition, Apple implemented a hiring freeze last year that significantly impacted the teams in Cupertino working on non-future product projects. Also, employees are prohibited from working remotely and from transferring between departments. Every employee must work at least three days in the middle of the week. According to unidentified inside sources cited by Gurman, staff worry that they would lose their jobs if they don’t arrive on time most mornings.

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook said layoffs were “a last resort kind of thing.” Several retail employees claim that the employer no longer refers to becoming sick as “special sick time,” requiring them to take regular sick leave. According to the study, some employees said businesses no longer replace personnel when they depart.