Apple is looking for an alternative to Google: Here’s Why?

Google is the most used website all over the world. It has even worked with Apple for more than 10 years now providing its search engine on iOS. But recently, news has surfaced that Apple is looking for an alternative for Google after the landmark antitrust suit. The suit by the Department of Justice’s might bar Google from a worldwide search of queries.

Apple’s changes in search

Apple is looking for an alternative to Google
Image Source: TechCrunch

Apple’s latest iOS 14 updates have done some major changes regarding searches on the internet. Users have been experiencing that Google is not being used for searches in Apple home screen. In fact, Apple has been showing its own search results and taking users directly to the site they are clicking on.

Well, it is important to note that Apple has been accepting $12 billion per year for using Google, search engine in iPhones. The Department of Justice might stop any further deals between Apple and Google in future. And in such Apple will have to look for a good alternative to Google.

What does this mean for Google?

Apple is looking for an alternative to Google

Google is the largest Search Engine, but it is very dependent on Apple for its traffic in the US. Upon the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice, Google issued “code red”. Because losing Apple’s deal might lead to Google losing 50% of its traffic in the US. This might be a big step against the monopoly of search engines.

Ryan Shores, the associate deputy attorney general said, “Google is a monopoly under traditional antitrust principles and must be stopped”. The current situation with Google might open up big tech companies to a vulnerable situation.

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