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Airbnb all set to go public on Nasdaq very soon

A while back we made a lot of speculations on Airbnb going public. It had plans to raise $3 billion and reach $30 billion before its IPO. But the most important variables in the IPO planning was the US elections and the pandemic situation. Though, as per the recent news, it seems that the elections have been ignored and the pandemic situation has been getting better for the company.

About Airbnb


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The company is a market place for a wide variety of rental homes, vacation bookings and more. The company made its debut in 2008 and since then has grows to become a huge company. It was last evaluated at $18 billion in April 2020. They provide their services in over 220 countries and 62 different languages. Airbnb also has more than 7 million listings on its platform.

The company’s plan to go public

Even though the company was not very confident to go public due to the negative effect of the pandemic, the situation has got better. As of July, the company got around 1 million bookings in one night. So, it is very likely for the company’s IPO to be one of the biggest in 2020. If the company manages to raise $3 billion, it could even achieve $30 billion in evaluation before going public.

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Reports from Mobile Reuters say that the company has filed its IPO confidentially. It also said that the company rejected the proposal of William Ackman to go public through a reverse merger with its company. There have been no official details from the company or from any trusted source on when the company might finish its IPO. But we might very well expect it to be in 2020.

The huge improvement in the number of bookings that the company has seen since March 2020 is a good enough reason to go public. But, at the same time, the US elections are here. It is a variable that no one knows how it might affect the stock market. So, we cannot be sure whether the IPO ride for the company is going to be smooth or bumpy.

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