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Apple is reportedly developing a native classical music streaming application

Apple Music and Primephonic

Source: Macworld

Apple has always marketed itself to be the best in the world with its services and products and honestly, there is no doubt about that. The features may come in slower than other flagship technology brands like Samsung and Google but whatever comes out of Apple is pure aesthetic, something that changes the look and feel of how you view technology. Apple really knows how to turn its products into jewelry.

Having said that, Apple has recently acquired a classic music streaming service, Primephonic and following the purchase, the iPhone-maker is planning to develop a new native classical music stream application of its own integrated with Primephonic’s mastery and Apple’s own features.

Apple is clearly expanding its scope in music and this native classical music application will reportedly be a product of the Apple Music service. The iPhone-maker is promising Apple Music listeners a significantly improved classical music experience following the deal with Primephonic and it has also said to release Primephonic’s classical music in high-res, lossless and spatial audio as well which is a significant upgrade from what Primephonic used to offer.

As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Primephonic will officially shut down its service on September 7th, and subscribers are said to receive a prorated refund for their subscription to the classical music streaming service. Other than this, as a perk to becoming an Apple Music user, the iPhone-maker is offering 6-months Apple Music access for free. Apple aims to harness the capabilities of Primephonic’s classical music library and integrate it with Apple Music’s high-resolution audio.

Furthermore, reports suggest that Apple will upgrade its search function in Apple Music for classical music listeners to easily find works by repertoire and composer, this means that Apple will input a bunch of classical music metadata into its systems to provide a significantly improved user experience, as mentioned in a report by Engadget.

As noted earlier, Apple wants to make everything ‘the best in the world’, be it its hardware or software. Apple Music is second to none when it comes to music experience and coupled with Apple’s Airpods, the experience is unmatchable.

On the other hand, Apple Music’s biggest rival Spotify is giving tough competition to the iPhone-maker as many Apple users are fixated with using Spotify for its playlists and functions.

What music streaming service do you use? I personally have Spotify and Apple Music both, and honestly, I like Spotify better for its ‘Discover Weekly’ personalized playlists.



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