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Apple is selling a $19 branded cloth to clean your Apple devices

Apple Cloth


Apple is one of the world’s most popular consumer electronics brands that excel at the technology they make and integrate their software with hardware devices to give the best possible user experience, seamless. However, more than the cost of the products alone, this seamless experience is what cuts our pocket. Apple makes sure to get a penny for every time someone feels great about owning an Apple device, and however you deny it, you know that it is true.

Having said that, Apple has added a special piece of cloth in its product catalogue this year that is meant for consumers to clean their Apple devices with proper safety from the risk of scratches. This special piece of cloth will obviously have to be purchased separately and will cost you $19.

If you have ever been concerned about cleaning your Apple devices safely, Apple’s $19 piece of cloth is your solution. The cloth did not have a special announcement at yesterday’s October event but it was made available alongside the new MacBook Pro models, third-generation AirPods, and the all-new M1 Pro and M1 Max SoC.

Anyhow, you may be wondering what’s so special about this cloth that it costs $19. Well, it has an Apple logo on it, for real. The Apple-branded cloth works like a micro-fibre cloth, made of unspecified nonabrasive materials, as mentioned in a report by Engadget. There is an Apple-branded cloth that cleans your Apple devices safely without the risk of micro-scratches; it is kind of a hard sell, I would say, even for Apple.

However, if you own the Pro Display XDR, this thing is supposed to be used to clean your nano-textured display. But, you don’t have to worry, if you buy a USD 6,000 monitor, Apple will be kind enough to include this USD 19 piece of cloth in the box itself.

To be frank with our readers, this $19 piece of cloth is only worth buying if you are using a Pro Display XDR. The new MacBook Pro models have a Pro Display XDR and if you are willing to pay USD 1,999 for a professional MacBook, you might as well add a USD 19 piece of cloth to protect the display from unwanted scratches and micro scratches. Other than that, a normal microfibre cloth should do the trick, and not just for Apple products but any device that you own, even your Car.



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