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Apple launches it’s Polishing Cloth.
A cheap product from the Tech Giant.

Apple always blows everyone with its launching of products. This time tech giant is something very cheap among its inventory. Apple release a new product which is a 6.3-by-6.3 inches cloth a polishing cloth to its iPhone, iPad, MacBook screens. This cloth is to wipe fingerprints and dust from the screens.

This cloth is made up of “soft and non-abrasive material,” and it is available for purchase at Apple’s store. The price of this material is about Rs 1,900.

It is the polishing cloth that comes with Apple’s signature logo at a corner.

The company says it is the latest accessory for cleaning any Apple product display. But now this product is in short supply and requires at least three to four weeks to ship at certain places in the world.

But it is supposed that not many are impressed with it. They are just making a joke and say again a overpriced product from Apple.


These are funny memes are making on Apple.

Even Mr. Elon Musk also poked in a funny way to Apple.  Time cook CEO of Apple, earlier tweeted that Apple is opening a new store in Istanbul.

And said, “We are glass to be part of this vibrant community and we can’t wait to welcome customers to our brand new space.”

For which Musk poked and tweeted, “Come see the Apple cloth TM.”



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