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Apple makes purchasing easier than ever with a new ‘Store’ tab on its website

Apple Store website

Source: MacRumors

As per reports, earlier this week, Apple’s reintroduced the ‘store’ tab on its website with an all-new layout. The tab opens on to a customized purchase section which allows customers to choose from a wide range of its product line-up including Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPhone, Mac & iPad, all from one place.

Based on revenue alone the American tech giant is considered to be the world’s largest and the most valuable company. It is being commonly known that Apple removed a similar ‘store’ tab from its website around six years ago due to reasons best known to them but the company has come back with a much more efficient and interactive online store for purchasing by making a few tweaks here and there!.

Earlier, customers used to open up individual product pages and hunt for the ‘buy’ button to make a purchase but no more. The store opens up with a list of products along with the latest accessories, promotions, and more.

Furthermore, the store is easy to use, for instance, click on any head like ‘iPhone’, and the store immediately opens up the range for current iPhone models like iPhone XR, iPhone 12, iPhone SE, and more. After selecting the desired model of iPhone, it takes you on to the buy page where the customers will be able to choose several alternatives like storage, color, additional accessories, and so on.

However, in the 2015 redesign when the store tab was removed by Apple from its website, customers wanting to make a purchase were redirected to a completely different domain, and hence, the new design works differently due to which you are still on Apple.com and can access the store in simply and more intuitive manner. The store moreover resembles the app store in some aspects.

In addition to this, as noted in a report, Apple has recently introduced a few new payment methods for Indian users to easily make app store and iTunes purchases along with Apple music subscription by simply using net banking, UPI, or RuPay as a mode of payment. Earlier Apple used to only accept credit and debit cards on all of its platforms but no more.

In conclusion, I for one feels that by adding a dedicated ‘store’ tab on its website, Apple has made a subtle but significant change keeping in mind the immense traffic on its website from all around the globe.




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