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Apple loses $81 billion market share after iPhone 12 announcement

Apple announced the iPhone 12 series lineup on 13th October. With their announcements, the market evaluation of the company fell by $81 billion. As the company unveiled their 5g devices their share price fell down by 4% on the launch date.

Apple iPhone 12 series highlights

Some of the major highlights of the iPhone 12 that make it a compelling upgrade are the cameras, display, 5g, A14 bionic chip, Lidar scanner for pro models and the design changes. One of the most impressive parts of the iPhone 12 series is the AMOLED XDR displays with HDR certification.

A14 Bionic chip is also a complete chapter of the series within 12. Being the first 5 nm chipset it is not only the most powerful but also very power-efficient chip in any smartphone. Then comes the LIDAR scanner that helps the camera for better autofocus and much improved Augmented reality experience.

Finally, the design change was the one thing that every iPhone fan was waiting for. Yes, the curved edges are comfy in the hand but we all were waiting for the design of the iPhone 4 and 5. That boxy form factor has kind of a nostalgia attached to it.

Why did Apple’s share fall?

Apple announced four iPhone models this year. The iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 pro and the iPhone 12 pro max. With the launch of these devices, the company also took a step forward (depends on your vision) to remove the charging brick siting the environmental impact. Even though the company made some major improvements in design and features the share market did not take the announcement very well.


Even analysts say that this year there will be over 350 million upgrades from older models to iPhone 12 series. Suppliers and producers are also gearing up for increased demand in the iPhone series 12 models. They even expect the 6.7-inch model to sell the most. But still, the market fell by 4%. So, it’s not quite explainable why the fall of the share’s happened. I very well expect the market to soon bounce back and recover.

What are your thoughts on the price fall of Apple’s shares? Any insights on the same would be wonderful. And if you found our content interesting do like and share it with your friends.

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