Apple Mac Mini with M1 chip launched for $699

Apple’s Mac Mini is very famous for its compact size and great specs. And this year the tech giant has also upgraded the Mac Mini with the M1 chip. By offering much better specifications for the price as compared to a Windows alternative, Apple Mac Mini can be called arguably the best at this price. Let’s take a look at the performance upgrade it brings and whether it’s same to the Macbook pro.

Apple Mac mini performance upgrades

The Apple Mac Mini was arguably the best compact PC in 2019. But with the new performance upgrades in 2020, it can be arguably called the best. The 8 core CPU offers a 3-time jump over the last-generation model bringing outstanding performance to the table. This will help in fast-tracking any project that one is working on. Speaking about the GPU, like the MacBook pro the jump is huge, offering up to 6x better performance.

The new M1-powered Mac mini.

Apple also claims that the machine is capable of up to 15x faster ML performance. This is a huge upgrade for those who are into ML and have to train models regularly. The Apple Mac Mini 2020 offers much faster render speeds, gaming performance and all over a better device for a lower price.

My opinions on the Mac Mini

Seeing that the Apple Mac Mini just got cheaper and better, I am optimistic about the product. It is even powerful enough to power the Apple XDR display at full 6k resolution. And has also support for Wifi 6 for faster seamless connectivity. So, if someone is need of a Mac and doesn’t want to spend 1000 bucks that I think the Mac Mini can be perceived as a viable alternative.

Do you think that the Mac Mini makes sense as a computer or its better to shell out some more money and get a MacBook? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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