Power BI Certification Guide

Analytics has emerged as one of the crucial aspects of making executive decisions. It is a data-dominating age where every business needs to analyze the data for running the business successfully. According to an IBM survey, there are approximately 70% of companies who rely on data analytics for making strategic business decisions. To make the process of analytics faster and simpler, many tools have been developed in the market. Power BI is one such tool.

Business Intelligence (BI) is a process of taking out the raw data from a source, transforming it into data that is useful, and using that data to make reports and dashboards for data analysis. Tabular data is known as Data visualization where the data is visually available in front of the users. The information is displayed in the form of charts, maps, graphs, KPIs, etc.

What is the Power BI?

Power BI is a cloud-based tool for business analytics that has been developed by Microsoft. This tool is a collection of data visualization and business intelligence tools like data connectors, apps, and software services. Microsoft is offering three types of Power BI platforms and to understand these platforms, there are several Power BI certification courses being offered in the market.

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Cloud
  • Power BI Mobile

Why opt for Power BI Certification?

It is always a wise thing to learn something that is pretty much in-demand in the market. Microsoft Power BI certification is something that you can give you an upper hand over the other employees. Power BI training will make you industry-ready and teach you all the necessary skills for using the tool. All you need to do in the end is to apply your knowledge practically. 

  • Power BI is a better user-friendly tool

Most of the BI tools are user-friendly but Power BI has proved itself to be better at it. Even a fresher who has completed the Power BI course could make use of this tool effortlessly due to its interactive interface. 

  • Power BI is portable

No matter where you are, the Power BI tool stays with you. Microsoft offers the Power BI tool in three different setups which are Cloud, Mobile, and Desktop. You can help with data analytics from any place.

  • Companies want their employees to learn to use Microsoft Products

If you attain Power BI certification, the hiring team will give you a chance over the others. The majority of the businesses make use of applications like Excel and SharePoint. They want their employees to be thorough with these applications for better results in the organization. Microsoft Power BI allows the users to add the Excel spreadsheets into the tool for analysis. The intuitive Power BI interface filters, gathers, visualizes, and shares the data without any issue of data integrity. 

Power BI – The Future of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is all about deciphering the raw data into useful and actionable insights for the organization. Microsoft Power BI is the perfect tool to decipher data from multiple sources and get all the useful information out of it. This is the reason why companies prefer their employees to possess this Microsoft certification for an enhanced understanding of the tool. 

With the right Power BI training, businesses would be able to share data securely with the stakeholders. Power BI tools will integrate data from multiple sources like customer data, internal data, and sales data and create visual representations of the insights on the dashboard. 

The employees with Power BI certification will be able to dive deeper and understand the root cause of all the business trends by analyzing the insights that are offered on the dashboard of Power BI. The professionals in various industries like marketing, sales, and business development can stay ahead of the market with the help of compelling reports and insights generated by Power BI tools. Power BI training can work as a perfect thing for every organization to stay ahead in the market and tune with the current BI trend. 

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI Certification

Microsoft Power BI certification helps the individuals in various aspects like:

  • Train the candidates to become proficient in the business data analysis domain for the jobs that rely on data.
  • Proper sales and marketing reports that are backed with analytics for making efficient business decisions.
  • Become a part of the global data-analytics trend as more than 70% of companies rely extensively on data analytics for making business decisions.
  • Get secure and well-paid jobs as an analyst.

The Power BI certification cost in India is Rs. 3350, while the average salary of a Senior Business Analyst is $89,000, which comes out to be Rs. 66,34,754 in India. 

Data is only going to increase in this technological world and the need for data analysts will always increase. This is the reason why Power BI certification is a great thing to opt for in today’s trending world of analytics.