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Apple Plans to Give Away Original Content to Its Users

Apple is planning to start a digital streaming service in order to provide video content free to the owners of Apple devices like Apple TV, iPhones, and iPad.

According to the report, the company is working on building the digital video service by combining its original content with the subscription services from the media companies such as HBO.

The TV will reportedly include the original content by the company, which will be provided free of cost to the Apple users, and by subscription channels, which will permit users to sign up for online-only content.

The App would work just like the Amazon Prime video and Hulu. It will allow owners of Apple devices to access all of their favorite content within the app, so that they do not have to download individual apps for this purpose.

The report also revealed that the company could also launch the revamped app by the beginning of next year.

Apart from the original content, the company is also looking for “tentpole” shows, as this would help it to build a quality service that in the long run, could give competition to the likes of Netflix.

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