Apple iOS 14.4.2

Apple rectifies an active vulnerability with the release of iOS 14.4.2 and WatchOS 7.3.3

Apple iOS 14.4.2
Source: MacRumors

Apple has recently announced to have rolled out its latest iOS 14.4.2 version for iPhones and WatchOS 7.3.3 version for its Apple Watch which the company recommends should be downloaded as soon as possible.

The iPhone maker has recommended users to download these updates urgently as they fix an active vulnerability with the iPhones. As mentioned in a report by MacRumors, Apple Inc. has confirmed that the said vulnerability enabled malicious websites to engage in cross-site scripting. This exploitation would allow people to get information from other websites and webpages you have currently opened on your iPhone device.

According to a report by Engadget, Apple Inc. mentions that there has been at least one report of someone taking advantage of this vulnerability somewhere in the open wild. Furthermore, as reported by Forbes, the compatibility of this update goes back to iPhone 6s, iPhone SE (both first and second-generation), iPod Touch (7th Generation).

Updating iOS 14.4.2 is easy. It is a small update like the previous iOS 14.4.1 update, it should not take very long, just follow the usual steps.

Go to Settings app > Click on General > Click on Software Update. Then click on download and install, and you are good to go. Users can download iOS software update through a WiFi connection or Mobile Data whichever is convenient.

As mentioned in a report by Forbes, Apple says that the issue has been addressed by improved management of object lifetimes and let us further leave the detailing on Apple. The technicalities were resolved by the iPhone maker and it is all packed in iOS 14.4.2 update.

The next interesting thing that Apple is up to in terms of software releases is iOS 14.5 which is said to have a lot of new features. The public beta of this new software has also been released by the company and users who are supporting beta for developers and the public can download the Public Beta of iOS 14.5 Beta 5.

The iOS 14.5 is said to bring new and interesting features to the current iOS 14.4 versions. One such feature is the ability to unlock an iPhone using Apple Watch. Other cool features will include Airplay support for the App tracking transparency feature in the Fitness+ app.

According to multiple reports, it is speculated that Apple is most likely to release its iOS 14.5 update somewhere around mid-2021.