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Vybe Together-Apple removes app promoting private parties in pandemic

An American app ‘Vybe Together’ is known for being a  “private community to find, join, and host parties” was banned by Apple. A TikTok video that came out recently claims that Vybe Together hosts secret parties every weekend.

It is on App Store that the app is taken down, however, the company is still promising firmly to come back real soon. If you check out their Instagram account, you will discover that their bio reads-

“App Store took us down! We will be back! Follow to stay updated!”

How Vybe Together actually works?

It has been known that users have to first give in a profile for getting approved. Along with that their Instagram profile also gets checked and that’s not all, one also has to send pictures of them while they are ‘partying’!

After users get their account activated, users can apply to any of the coming parties on the app and their presence is checked marked as ‘Approved’ by the company. The participants who are approved successfully by the organization receive the address of the upcoming party exactly two hours before the event begins.

Vybe Together has a few thousand users currently and there are a few thousand other candidates who are waiting to be approved.

During the tough times of pandemic where social distancing is highly advisable, people believe that an app like Vybe Together was making the situation even worse.

TikTok told the BBC the record was eliminated for disregarding its locale rules. The company’s account on Tiktok has around 139 followers with only three videos.

Vybe Together has not reacted to a solicitation for input.

Notwithstanding, a page on its currently taken out site stated: “We know that Covid is a significant medical condition… having enormous scope parties is exceptionally hazardous. That is the reason we don’t uphold that.”- Stated Vybe.



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