Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ Event 15th September: All Live updates

Here are all the live updates of the Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ Event.

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11:32 PM: iOS 14

The ios14 update will be coming out tomorrow. And will take improve the experience by providing a lot of new features. All new Apple devices announced today will come with the latest updates.

11: 27 PM: USB C and camera

Apple's 'Time Flies' Event

The iPad Air will also feature USB c port and an improved camera setup both for the front and back camera. The Air also supports magnetic attachment for the Apple pencil for better usability.

11:18 PM: iPAD Air

The iPAD air comes with a all new design with thin bezels and a single camera. It also has 5 colours to choose from with a stunning 10.9 inch retina display. It also has P3 wide color and true tone technology. The iPad will also have touch-id right on the power button. The iPAD air comes with the new A14 bionic chip that will provide a powerful experience to its users. The A14 bionic is based on 5nm technology and will provide much more efficient usage of battery. The iPAD air will be available for $599.

11:12 PM: iPAD Mini update

Apple's 'Time Flies' Event

The new iPad 8th generation comes with the A12 bionic chipset. It has a 40% faster CPU then last year and a 2 times jump from the GPU performance. The neural engine also comes to the iPad 8th gen and supports up to 5 trillion calculations per second. The iPad 8th gen also supports the keyboards by Apple and logitech’s keyboards. Along with all that the Apple pencil is also supported in the all new iOS 14.

11:08 PM: Apple One

Its a all in one plan for Apple’s all subscription plans. There are three versions for the Apple one subscription starting at a price of $14.99 for the individual plan.

11:07 PM: Apple fitness+ price

Apple's 'Time Flies' Event

The fitness+ is priced at $9.99 a month and $79.99 a year. And any new Apple watch buyer gets a 3 month free subscription.

11:00 PM: Apple watch features: fitness+

To improve a even better workout experience, Here are the new features introduced by them. The fitness + feature by Apple will 10 new type of workouts integrated with apple music to make it even more fun. The Apple watch now lets you keep live tracking and on selecting the workout from the fitness+ from your iPhone or any other device. It automatically starts on your Apple watch. Once, the exercise is over you get the total summary on your connected devices.

10:55 PM: Apple’s environmental commitment

Apple's 'Time Flies' Event

Apple promises to be using 100% renewable resources by the end of 2030. Currently, they are using 100% recycles aluminum and rare earth elements in Seris 6 watches. They are also removing the USB adapter from Apple watch to reduce e-waste.

10: 53 PM: Apple Watch SE and Series 6 prices

The Apple watch Se comes with an S5 chip and is twice as fast then the series 3 watch. It also has the essential features like the fall detection and comes at just $279 and the Series 6 comes at $399 and the Series 3 at $199.

10: 50 PM: Family setup

Apple's 'Time Flies' Event

The new family setup allows users to setup family members to use apple watches with their family phones. And then use the watch as a solo device with their new personal number. Theis also enables parents to monitor the usage of the watch and allow kids to connect only with the fixed numbers. The new features will be enabled in certain places and will be available from Series 4 and above.

10:48 PM: Watch bands

There are many new watch bands. The most special one is the all plain band with no attachments or buckles and also upgraded old bands.

10:46 PM: Watch faces

Apple's 'Time Flies' Event

The watch faces has new faces that is depended on the type of usage of the watch. It has also introduced the new emoji face and surfing faces. For every type of user there is a watch face for everyone. Either you are a photographer or a health professional there is a watch face for you.

10:45 PM: Apple’s Series 6 with new silicon chip

The series 6 Apple watch that is faster by around 20% than the old generations. It has an energy efficient design and also helps in better always on display. You can also now check the elevation on your watch face and check the blood oxygen level at the same time.

10: 41 PM: Apple watch blood Oxygen feature

Apple's 'Time Flies' Event

The new blood oxygen app lets you take your blood oxygen measurement in just 15 seconds. It can also measure background measurements and save them in your device

10:38 PM: VO2 MAX feature

Apple’s watch OS 7 has the new Vo2 max that can help in managing the health of its users. Apple has taken a huge leap forward adding technology that is generally available only in clinics and hospitals.

10: 34 PM: Live

Apple's 'Time Flies' Event

Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ Event is live from the Apple park. Tim Cook is talking about the Apple watch.