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Apple to build its own financial infrastructure for payments and lending
The tech giants wants to give its financial services full 'Apple treatment.'

Apple planning to develop its own financial infrastructure.
Source: MacRumors

Reports specified how Apple Inc is planning to develop its own in-house infrastructure and technology of financial services. Internally, the main plan is codenamed “Breakout,” creating an allusion. That is, to the idea of customers ‘breaking free’ from the present establishment players of the financial field.

The tech giant has often been keen on controlling as much of the user experience as possible. They believe that this way provides them with additional advantages. These include better experiences for users, along with a more revenue for the company. Moreover, this control also proves that Apple would be less impacted by sudden actions of their external partners.

Currently, Apple is set to appropriately apply this philosophy to its financial services too. Clearly, it is a rather fast growing, though relatively new, aspect of the tech giant’s entire product strategy. The report described the crucial aspects of the plan. It would involve processing of payments, credit checks, and analysis for potential fraud. Along with it, it would also include risk evaluation for lending and added functions surrounding customer-services, like management of disputes.

Other aims of the tech company:

Sources mentioned how Apple’s step to integrate all of these services in-house is aimed for newer products rather than the ones already existing. For example, the Apple card may continue to stick with Goldman Sachs. On the other hand, the company has other plans for features like its Apple Pay Later system. At first, the tech giant may work with a partner for certain aspects such as long-term loans. This would be while it uses its own technology and infrastructure for short-term loans.

Apple named it Apple Pay Later technology as one of the features to which it will apply these new plans. Additionally, the company has other, newer financial products in progress as well. For example, it includes a subscription service bundle for its iPhones, along with certain other services of Apple.

The tech giant’s increasing emphasis on its financial services indicates its future plans. It reflects Apple’s effort to shift from the so-called “hit-based” business to a more consistent, recurring revenue generating one from its users. The ‘hit-based’ business refers to the instance of a new Apple product that may or may not generate as big a demand as anticipated. This might occur because of numerous reasons, some of which might be beyond the company’s control.